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What is the best UVC air disinfection fixture?

Posted by Luis Espino on


We discussed this one a bit today in our L10, and the decision was that we would do an article and mass email on this since we're still seeing interest in and leads come in from UVC content.

Nearly three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, air quality is still a major concern. In a lot of ways, the pandemic highlighted major areas of improvement in indoor air quality across commercial buildings. 

Poor air quality can result in a number of health problems like asthma, allergies, and more. Bad air quality also increases the transmission of pathogens (like the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as the cold and flu).

Now, there are more options available than ever before to improve air quality and provide cleaner, safer atmospheres for customers, employees, tenants, and students — but it's hard to know which products to trust. We've spent the last two years researching the best fixtures, and one of our trusted manufacturer partners recently released a new option that's a top choice for fixed, in-room air disinfection.

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Top UVC fixture for air disinfection

There are several different types of UVC fixtures and typically, they all work a little differently with one ultimate goal: to provide cleaner, safer air. UVC can be harmful to unprotected skin and eyes, and there are fixtures that emit UVC rays directly to the air or surface in order to disinfect. However, there are other fixtures like the one we recommend, that have enclosed UVC. The advantage here is the fixture can run constantly, even when people are in the room. The result — constant air disinfection.

uv-fan-diagramLight Progress recently released a fixture called the UV-Fan 2x2, designed to optimize indoor air quality. One fixture covers about 1,100 square feet and it's one of the quietest UVC fixtures on the market (under 39 db).

Light Progress UV-Fan 2x2
Price: $1,192

Like other Light Progress fixtures, the UV-Fan brings in air, disinfects it with UVC, then runs the air through a titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanostructured photocatalyst (TiOx®) filter. The UVC lamps activate the TiOx filter, which never needs to be replaced.

What separates this UVC fixture from other Light Progress fixtures is the ability to mount it on the ceiling, making it more discreet than other portable or wall-mounted fixtures. It also covers a larger area than other fixtures.

The UVC lamps are rated for 18,000 hours at emission peak of 253.7 nm (the wavelength that results in optimal disinfection). They can be replaced by removing the cover of the unit. Since the titanium dioxide filter never needs replacement, maintenance on the fixture is relatively simple.

The UV-Fan 2x2 is IoT enabled with connections that allow for schedule operations, monitoring, and reporting. Overall, the square footage, quietness, safety, and look of this new product make it an easy best-in-class option.

Compare other UVC fixture options and how much they cost

Top portable UVC fixture for air disinfection

If you're more interested in a portable UVC fixture instead of one that's more permanently mounted, there are other options available from Light Progress.

The portable UV fan is mounted on wheels and can easily be moved from room to room, based on air disinfection needs. These are ideal for occupied and high-traffic areas in commercial, industrial, educational, health care, and institutional buildings.

Light Progress Portable UV-Fan
Price: $3,698.00

A single UV FAN unit covers approximately 430 square feet, depending on the application. UVC lamp replacement is simple by removing the cover of the unit. These long-life lamps are rated for 18,000 hours.

Light Progress also has several other products focused on improving indoor air quality, which we highlight in this article.

Finding a UVC solution for cleaner air

When it comes to selecting the right UVC solution for your facility, we know that safety is always a top priority. Our team of experts is well-versed in multiple solutions and can help find the one that's best for you.

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